Kate Moss: Yves Slip Laurent

Kate Moss shot the new campaign for Yves St. Laurent in Paris yesterday.

And neglected to keep certain parts covered with the corset she was wearing.

Moss sprawled against a statue in the city’s Place de la Concorde, enough so that her nipple was visible. Oops!

Perhaps she should have used the flower she was holding to cover that up?

Moss returned to London last night for Sir Phillip Green’s 57th birthday party, and experienced even MORE wardrobe missteps.

The Sun reports that Kate, wearing a tuxedo jacket over a lowcut dress, once again allowed her nipples to pop up and say “hi” to the cameras while making her way from her cab to Anabel’s Club in the Mayfair section of London.

The catwalk queen doesn’t really seem too concerned, huh?

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