Kirsten Stewart: ‘Adventure’-ous Dress

Twilight star Kristen Stewart attended the premiere of her new film Adventureland last night in LA, along with co-stars Ryan Reynolds, and SNL’s Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig.

Stewart, 18, wore a backless salmon-colored minidress with vertical black almost syringe-shaped stripes that showed off her long legs and slim figure.

The actress, who has begun filming the Twilight sequel New Moon in Vancouver, looks a little weighed down by all the attention in this photo. Note the posture.

If Stewart isn’t one to show emotion at premieres and photocalls (besides mild irritation), her clothing choices always do.

She’s quickly becoming known for going with edgy designers and dresses that show off asymmetrical shapes and interesting color choices.

In the film, Kristen plays one of many teens/twenty-somethings working for the summer at an amusement park and has to choose between bumbling but sweet college kid Jesse Eisenberg or hot married dude Reynolds.

Looking like that in that dress is probably the reason she was cast as the girl with that many romantic choices.