Remember When: Jennifer Aniston Was In ‘Leprechaun?’

In celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day here at Celebuzz, we’d like to reminisce about a wonderful little horror movie starring Jennifer Aniston—before her years on Friends, and before her personal life came to resemble a three-ring circus.

In the 1993 horror flick Leprechaun, a young Aniston plays teenager Tory Redding, who moves into a house with her father, only to discover that a not-so-friendly leprechaun is caged up in their dark and scary basement. The nasty little Irish creature manages to get out, and all hell—and hilarity—breaks loose. Aniston even carries a weapon! Looks like Brad Pitt has always liked his women gorgeous, talented, and gun-toting!

Aniston was recently put on the spot in an interview alongside Owen Wilson while the two were doing promotional rounds for their smash hit Marley and Me in Ireland. Jen seemed to be in good spirits, so Herald journalist Paul Byrne decided to brave the question, “For you, Jennifer, being in Ireland for the first time, did you take the opportunity to apologize to the nation for Leprechaun, that rather fine 1993 schlock-horror flick? A giggling Jen responded, “I should have apologized? Didn’t that punish me enough? Didn’t my karma take care of that?

At least she’s a good sport about it! Check out the creepy trailer for yourself:

It’s out. It’s out of the crate!