RPattz Surfaces in 'West Side Story' 2.0

RPattz Surfaces in 'West Side Story' 2.0-photo

Without his whiter shade of pale, brown coif and some flannel, can you spot Robert Pattinson in a crowd?

That's the task we're setting forth for you in what's no doubt the most ZoomWorthy photo of the day. Dive in to Vanity Fair's lush retelling of classic musical West Side Story, as imagined by photogapher Mark Seliger.

Key stars include Camilla Belle, Jennifer Lopez, Rodrigo Santoro, Ben Barnes, Ashley Tisdale, Minka Kelly, Cam Gigandet and—most importantly—Rpattz!

Click through our gallery for another pic of the turf war drama led by Chris Evans, who, crime of all crimes, blocks Pattinson's face from a second shot. Don't worry, he gets his.



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  • aarantxa


  • angelicious

    Priceless expression - looks like he's reaching for the Lamp...

  • fattie

    LOL at his expression!! They must be beating themselves up for not putting him closer to the spotlight.

  • noah

    Found him - the one with the really masculine dance moves in the back. God, he must really love woman.

  • mdonnelly

    What was Ben Barnes in anyway? Rob looks like he's being tortured in this bit. J Lo still has a good body, tho. And Camilla, what else can I say?

  • enya

    Yep he's next to the girl in the orange dress. Vanity Fair really screwed up . Barnes the no hoper in the front . Epic fail. Pattinson would have made it special.

  • becca

    Next to the girl in the orange dress. These were taken over 7 months ago before Vanity Fair realised Rob would become a big Hollywood star. They blew it and put the wrong actor in the front. Barnes hasnt exactly done well with caspian and easy Virtue which was rushed to DVD in the UK. Vanity Fair must be kicking themselves now. Rob and Camilla would have been a big talking point. Still its a lame photoshoot anyway.

  • dude

    I love these Highlights finder things. Is he one of the ceiling lights?