Usher Helps Hasten His Wife’s Recovery

That Usher is one of the most dedicated husbands in show-biz is already a well-established fact.

But the 30-year-old R&B singer’s chivalry rose to international proportions  over the weekend.

Little more than a month after his wife, Tameka Foster, suffered cardiac arrest in Brazil due to complications from a surgical procedure, the “Yeah!” warbler bravely put in an appearance at the VIP Room in Paris to watch a gaggle of half-naked beauties bump and grind. 

Clearly, this was an effort to hasten his wife’s recovery.

Because it’s widely known that people suffering from physical ailments have been known to benefit from a positive mental outlook.

And it’s hard to instill a positive mental outlook in others if your own mood is dour.

And nothing improves a person’s mood more than watching scantily clad beauties writhe around lasciviously.

Better make room on your trophy shelf, Usher; you’re pretty much a lock for the Husband of the Year award.

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