VIDEO Update: Brooke Hogan Gets Into Pole Position

VIDEO Update: Brooke Hogan Gets Into Pole Position-photo

UPDATE: Now there's video goodness of Brooke working the pole, with proud papa Hulk cheering her on from the sidelines. Bask in the spectacle below:


Forget hurricanes; Miami was hit by another devastating force of nature yesterday as Brooke Hogan loaned her talents to the Calle Ocho festival in Little Havana.

The Brooke Knows Best star's contribution to the cultural celebration? Her pole-dancing routine.

And naturally, Brooke's always-supportive father, outspoken wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, was in the audience watching on with his youthful girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel. Who says that the American family is a crumbling institution these days?

Have your say in the comments section: Does Brooke Hogan have what it takes to make it as a pole dancer?



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  • gschuette

    I wish more women like Brooke were on tv and less like the 'friends' type.

  • tromba

    What is really sick is that, love her or hate her, she CAN sing. The reason that this performance is an abomination is that she has been, and continues to be, handled by non-musician idiots, who for reasons I find detestable, have been successfully making millions for completely talentless "artists". People in this category would be all rap and/or "hip-hop" (Miles Davis as rolling over in his grave) "artists" as well as this insipid garbage now known as R&B. I could rant for hours, but you get the picture………. ps: People who listen to the music of or otherwise observe the artistic endeavors of singers, painters, sculptors, musicians, etc. determine who is an “artist”, not any half-assed hack who makes a buck selling this garbage to an uninformed and artistically ignorant public.

  • bawwow


  • chichilavie

    i secretly wished for video of this yesterday. i hate you wish fairy!!

  • sbaran


  • noah

    That stripper video reminds me of my Bar Mitzvah party. Grandma was so crazy back then... God rest her soul.