VIDEO Update: Brooke Hogan Gets Into Pole Position

UPDATE: Now there’s video goodness of Brooke working the pole, with proud papa Hulk cheering her on from the sidelines. Bask in the spectacle below:


Forget hurricanes; Miami was hit by another devastating force of nature yesterday as Brooke Hogan loaned her talents to the Calle Ocho festival in Little Havana.

The Brooke Knows Best star’s contribution to the cultural celebration? Her pole-dancing routine.

And naturally, Brooke’s always-supportive father, outspoken wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, was in the audience watching on with his youthful girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel. Who says that the American family is a crumbling institution these days?

Have your say in the comments section: Does Brooke Hogan have what it takes to make it as a pole dancer?