Zac Efron Is a Dirty, Dirty Man

Zac Efron Is a Dirty, Dirty Man-photo

Zac Efron dirties up nicely.

The 21-year-old High School Musical alum pretties up the cover of the April Interview magazine, captured in all his muddy glory by  lensman Mikael Jansson.

He also frolics with a seemingly naked lass in the photos, which should thrill his girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, to no end.

In his accompanying Q&A with film director Gus Van Sant, Efron dishes about the photo-shoot, noting, " I think it went pretty cool. There was, like, a giant sandbox in the middle of a studio, and then I just got to roll around in the dirt for a couple of hours. I got pretty dirty by the end of it, so that was fun. It was definitely different from anything I had ever done before. The photographer was really fun to work with. . .He recommended some furniture."

Check out the pics of Zac Efron in our gallery, and have your say in the comments section: Did Interview do Zac Efron right?



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  • Linda

    Joy, It's hard to really translate what you were trying to write, but if I'm not mistaken, you are trying to say something about Zac being loyal to Vanessa. Is that correct? This has nothing to do with Vanessa. Do you not understand that this was a photo shoot, and not real life? Do you think that when he is acting in a movie and kisses the leading lady, he is being unfaithful to Vanessa? How old are you anyway? -------- I think that these pictures are SO HOT. He is a very sexy man, to say the least.

  • joy

    are you really serios to your gf then take your time for her you know you have to show your love to vanessa

  • alogicalperson

    What was the purpose of the boobs in his face? She's naked and he's dressed and she's going to jump his bones. Are they trying to tell us he really is having sex? He's horny? He's all grown up? He's promiscuous? He's ready to do porn movies? What? Then we read the interview about him riding his skateboard and playing video games. Mixed messages here. Or are they saying "he's a little bit Disney and a little bit rock and role?"

  • awurbii

    overall, the photos were pretty good! The naked girl wasn't really necessary but what can we say, he's trying to shed his disney image.I am a huge fa and he hope he knows that the only way he'll gain the adult audience is through proving himself as an actor and i believe he'll be able to do that.

  • anagarve


  • sbaran

    He looks so stiff...and not straight!