Angelina Jolie Is Under Arrest

Angelina Jolie Is Under Arrest-photo

Here are photos of a still-wigged Angelina Jolie being arrested on the New York City set of her upcoming spy thriller Edwina A. Salt.

The wig budget alone on that movie must be in the millions.

Jolie has been all over the Big Apple for the past two weeks shooting scenes for the film, in which she plays a digraced CIA agent trying to clear her name from charges of treason.

At least, we hope it's from a movie shoot.

What is she's actually been arrested? For being gorgeous?



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  • Scotkacapel

    Sppsss, hey, what is really going on over there in Bradgelina town? How the leading lady is she appy, is she very appy? I hope so! How are those little munckins running around with a rainbow of colors and promises, like the rainbow itself. Those kids are going to be so well rounded and geared up. Maybe they will show old America how its suppose to be done huh? You know living togther in harmony, taking advantage of or sisters and brothers attributes and all putting them to good use. I trust ya! As long as you remeber what you had set in your heart from the beginnig you'll see them all equally through, and your man loves you. Lucky yous, and lucky him;hang in there goodguys.

  • Gemma

    Are we in the 16th Century? Arrested for adultery?

  • Dice

    For adultery, moron!


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