Congratulations to Our BIGGEST Twilight Fans!

Congratulations to Our BIGGEST Twilight Fans!-photo

Here at Celebuzz we were able to get our hands on two advanced copies of the Twilight DVD.  We wanted to give you a chance to win them so we asked "what makes you the biggest Twilight Fan?"

You know how hard it was for Edward Cullen to stop sucking on Bella’s blood after just a little bit? That’s how hard it was for us to choose the winners with so many amazing entries, but we narrowed it down to two fans who won us over with their comments.

Without further ado, congratulations to abigailjune and lindseyann! Your Twilight DVDs will arrive tomorrow!

Abigailjune, who claims she is "truly obsessed," gave us a whole list of great reasons as to why she's the biggest fan. We loved that it brought her and her sister together and the fact that her dog is named Eddy but, "we sometimes call him Edward when he's bad."

Lindseyann wowed us with her original song inspired by TwilightCheck it out below and tell us what you think.  We think it deserved some Twilight DVD love!




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  • mrsnaomicullen

    you two really deserved it so well done! the rest of us just have to wait till the 6th of april, only 8 days to go! TWILIGHT RULES!

  • cullen lover67
    cullen lover67

    you r music is awesome it is so lovely it made me cry u have a great voice it is lovely i love the words to u will go far

  • ibetonalice

    OMGOSH, that was amazing, i only wish i could do something like that! it was truly inspiring........i dont know what to say, honey- dont feel self-concious about this, or feel like your retarded, cause your the furthest from it!! YOU GONNA BE A START SOME DAY! im glad you won, you totally deserved it!

  • ag

    This was amazing! I am not sure anyone else could have expressed their 'Twilight' obsession so beautifully. You will go far!

  • juliette

    oh my gosh u have a great singing voice!!!

  • abigailjune

    Thank you so much for picking me! i am TRULY honored!

  • mypattz141

    congrats guys, jealous much!! lovely song :)

  • Briana


  • Reina Robinson
    Reina Robinson

    I LOVE NIKKI REED!!!! she is Uber talented and beautiful... i cant wait until the New Moon and Chain Letter is released...

  • Tina

    Great job to both Lindsey and to the other winner(?)!!!

  • katiecullen4eva

    WOW!!!!! This is actually really pretty! You are really talented! I hope that you do become famous for being retarded. I only wish that I was as retarded as you!!!!!! :)

  • brittanydazzle

    wow this is really pretty (:

  • Megan

    Lindsey I am so proud of you!! Your music will take you far. I love you! -m

  • twilightlove

    Dude Lindsey Ann is my name as well LOL Congrats guys.

  • marsanarsa

    I love the song, you really do have a talent and obviously passion for twilight ;D

  • esmemason

    It is a great song. You did deserve to win.

  • Liv

    I love you Lindsey!! you're amazing!

  • Julie

    Lindsey is the biggest fan that I've ever met... she totally deserve it... and keep going girl,love your creativity and happiness. :)

  • lindseyann

    thanks so much for picking me!!!! i am so honored!!!!!!

  • dandelion

    lovely melody ~ you aren't retarded ~ actually, you have a gift ~ keep going ~

  • chichilavie

    What a sweet song!

  • noah

    I just now typed and deleted 5 comments... and I just can't be mean on this one. Apparently videos about teenage angst are my kryptonite?

    Celebuzz, please post a story about Michelle Obama so I can regain my snarky ways.