Jade Goody’s Mom Faced With Her Daughter’s Early Memorial

Here are pictures of the dying Jade Goody’s mother Jackiey Budden flipping through OK! Magazine’s memorial issue for her daughter. Who isn’t dead, yet.


Budden and a friend took some time out from watching over Jade, who is tragically succumbing to cervical cancer, to sit in the sun as Jade’s mom perused the issue.

Jackiey looked upset at first, but then seemed to enjoy looking at all the photos of reality-show celebrity Jade through the years.

Budden might have been able to deal with the early memorial, but other friends of Jade’s are taking issue with this particular issue.

“All that was agreed [to] was a tribute,” a friend told the Times. “This is clearly an obituary. They got it totally wrong. It’s totally insensitive, it’s bloody disgusting.”

OK!‘s access to Jade was part of a deal Goody struck to ensure that the educational future of her two young sons would be taken care of.

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