Jesus Already Over Madonna?

The relationship between Madonna, 50, and 22-year-old model Jesus Luz is only a couple of months old, but Luz might already be getting restless for a girl his own age.

The Sun reports that the Brazilian Luz returned to Rio De Janiero for a visit this past weekend and was seen “canoodling” with model Luciana Costa.

Madonna’s baby Jesus attended a party on Saturday night, where he was seen slowdancing with the 31-year-old Costa. That Jesus definitely likes older women.

“Jesus was the hit of the party and all the girls went wild for him when he arrived. But Luciana was more interested than most and soon got hold of him for a dance,” a source said.

Another source added that “they danced together very close lots of times. He whispered things in her ear, grabbed her hand, put his hand around her waist. He’d had a little to drink and it seemed clear he was after something.”

Luz and Costa were also seen strolling together in Rio on Sunday. Check out the photo. Now those are short shorts!

Costa told the press that she and Jesus were just “old friends,” and that he had “great things to say about Madonna” and “doesn’t care that she is so much older.”

Madge might not like it when her reportedly live-in boyfriend discusses “how much older” she is with girls closer to his age range.

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