Josh Duhamel and Kristen Bell: Flowered With Affection

For shame, Josh Duhamel! You’ve only been married to Fergie since January, and already you’re trying to woo other women with flowers?

Luckily for the recently brunette Fergie, her new hubby was merely filming a scene in New York with co-star Kristen Bell for their upcoming cinematic effort, When in Rome.

The romantic comedy features Bell as an unlucky-in-love real estate agent who steals some coins from a fountain of love while visiting Rome, only to be aggressively pursued by a series of suitors.

One of whom is apparently Josh Duhamel. Who, judging from the above photo, is allergic to the variety of flower he’s trying to lure Bell with.

The film, scheduled for an August release date, also stars Danny DeVito, Anjelica Huston, Will Arnett, Jon “Napoleon Dynamite” Heder and the irrepressible Don Johnson. In other words, it’s nothing to sneeze at.