Kanye West Charged With Assaulting a Camera

Kanye West was charged with three misdemeanors today stemming from an incident at Los Angeles International Airport last September, during which he allegedly destroyed a photographer’s equipment.

West was charged with vandalism, battery and grand theft. Kanye’s manager Don Crowley was also charged with two counts of vandalism, two counts of battery and two counts of grand theft, according to TMZ.

The “Heartless” rapper reportedly broke the light on a camera after tussling with paparazzi at the airport.

Los Angeles County prosecutors initially considered the possibility of charging West with felonies, but opted instead for the lesser charges.

In the September incident, West was caught on film grabbing a still photographer’s camera and throwing it to the ground. Crowley grabbed the camera of the TMZ photographer that was filming West’s actions and threw THAT camera to the ground.

West reportedly bellowed “Gimme that f**cking tape!” when he realized that the incident was being taped. West and Crowley were detained at the airport, but released in time for West to board a flight to Hawaii.

Kanye might need his fembot Amber Rose to break him out of prison. He faces up to 2 1/2 years if convicted. His arraignment is scheduled for April 14.

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