Katy Perry’s Last Supper with Britney Spears

Katy Perry specifically requested to break bread with Britney Spears in her latest video—she got the next-best thing.

For her new single “Waking Up In Vegas,” Perry hit the gambling town to shoot a clip with a gaggle of lookalikes, chief among them “Britney Spears.”

Derrick Barry, a top Vegas Britney impersonator, was tapped to portray the blonde songstress in a Last Supper scenario.

“She’s the nicest girl,” Barry tells Celebuzz, who was asked to run through Spears’ “Slave 4 U” choreography over Perry’s track, positioned behind an opulent banquet table where Perry sat with Tina Turner, Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire impersonators.

While those divas certainly serve a purpose, Barry was the only one Perry got really starstruck over.

“Katy asked for a photo with me [in costume],” says Barry, “and even signed a copy of her CD for me. She wrote, ‘You’re Toxic. Love, Katy Perry.'”

And while the two never got down to discussing the singer herself, hope isn’t lost yet. Barry indicated that Katy had a behind-the-scenes crew in tow documenting her every move. Perhaps Perry will gush over Britney in a DVD extra coming soon.