Lily Allen: Drinking in a Tutu

Lily Allen: Drinking in a Tutu-photo

Lily Allen played The Academy in Dublin, Ireland on Monday and brought both her eclectic taste in stage costumes and a drink with her onstage.

Allen showed off a white mini dress that was accented with a skirt that looked like a black tutu. And sported some blindingly white hightop sneakers, called "trainers" in Britain.

The singer, who is currently touring in support of her album It's Not Me, It's You, had also painted her nails green in celebration of St. Patrick's Day yesterday.

This wouldn't be Allen's first time imbibing on stage.

SF Gate reports that she played a gig in Glasgow, Scotland on Saturday during which she drank from a bottle of white wine.

Allen reportedly had to vomit in the street afterwards on the way to her tour bus.

But she also managed to pose with fans. Hopefully before.



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  • sarah masters
    sarah masters

    just shows lily havin a gd time =] love the outfit brilliant voice loved the concert the other night at manchester apollo rite at the front =D, n wth anoynomous too omg no she isnt fat dirty gross or a skanky toilet bowl ur just propbably jelous of her !

  • anonymous too
    anonymous too

    I agree with anonymous, nothing proves that this is alcohol she has in her glass. I'm pretty sure it's urine and she drinks it because she's fat dirty , gross and skanky toilet bowl.

  • anonymous

    She does not, have a drinking problem. It's easy to use the excuse that she became, ill because no one in there right mind would provide the proof. If she sips whatever she is drinking on stage, and it does not effect her show, who the f- cares. This is not being reported, because it's true, it's being reported because somebody else said it reportedly happened. What the F- does that mean?..... ""NOTHING!