Lindsay Lohan: Natasha Richardson a "Tragic Loss"

Lindsay Lohan: Natasha Richardson a

Lindsay Lohan has spoken out on the tragic death of Natasha Richardson, who costarred with 22-year-old in her breakout Disney film The Parent Trap.

"She was a wonderful woman and actress and treated me like I was her own," Lohan said in a statement, "I didn't see much of her over the years but I will miss her."

"My heart goes out to her family. This is a tragic loss."

Lohan was 12 when she starred in the update of the 1961 family farce, with Richardson playing her stylish British mother.

Liam Neeson
, Richardson's husband, released a statement earlier today via his publicist, confirming the loss of Natasha to severe brain trauma stemming from an injury on Monday.

She was 45.



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  • adelette

    I hope others will learn from this tragedy and take any head injury seriously. A 20 second CT Scan can save your life. A friend lost her son this way in a waterskiing accident. He seemed fine at first but was dead in 48 hours. Don't let tragedies like this happen anymore. HELMETS ON THE SLOPES PEOPLE! RIP Natasha. I will pray for your family.

  • awurbii

    That is so sad, i hope her family is okay.

  • Angie

    I am so sad to hear of the death of Natasha Richardson. It breaks my heart, ask I thought of her as a warm and talented actress. I am so sad for her family during this difficult time.

  • cloudpuff2007

    This is absolutely horrible. It just goes to show that despite not knowing someone, a death of someone is always a loss for everyone. I wish her family luck and strength.