‘No Chance’ for Natasha Richardson?

A source close to their family reports that Tony-winning actress Natasha Richardson is brain dead and only being kept alive by life support after a skiing accident on Monday in Canada.

Richardson is currently at a New York City hospital and surrounded by friends and family, including husband Liam Neeson.

“There is no chance,” a family friend reported to People. “It is a fact that her heart is beating but she is brain dead.”

After falling while skiing on a beginner’s slope at a resort in Canada, Richardson complained of a headache and was taken to a hospital in Montreal where it was revealed that she had suffered from a head injury.

The source explains her condition as “leakage of blood between the brain and skull” and tragically notes that “it’s not official yet, but they basically will detach her.”

A private jet brought Neeson and Richardson to New York City last night.

Representatives for the family have declined comment.