Project Runway Finalist Charged for Assault With a Deadly Kitty

Project Runway Finalist Charged for Assault With a Deadly Kitty-photo

You might have thought the most heinous crime in Project Runway history was when Christian Siriano murdered the word "fierce."

Not so. The Bettie Page-esque Kenley Collins (a finalist on the Bravo show last season) was arrested in Brooklyn yesterday after allegedly throwing a cat at her sleeping ex-fiancé, reports TMZ.

Collins was the outspoken contestant with a 1950s flair that polarized fans of the show with her mocking attitude toward other contestants and shrill laughter.

She also is said to have thrown a laptop, several apples and water on her ex during yesterday's alleged freak-out.

Collins was charged with 2nd degree assault, 3rd degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon in the 4th degree, and is currently in jail.

Legal papers claim that Collins told the victim, "You're lucky ... it could've been a lot worse."

Was she originally considering throwing a dog?



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  • fudgekat

    Oh lordy lordy. Have you seen the AP footage of Tim Gunn talking about how she's nuts? That man is amazing:

  • MeNotYou

    The real crime is that there are actually peopel stupid enough to believethis woman is a celebrity

  • sexyckitty

    I was suprised she made it as far as she did with that nasty attiude she has.She acted nutty/dingy on the show.

  • awurbii

    Woah..she's crazy and her attitude was so bad in project runway.

  • sbaran

    A laptop, too? Girl needs help.

  • chichilavie

    ugghhh. i have a severe dislike for kenley, she was so obnoxious on the show.