Report: Angelina Jolie Launches Multi-Front Baby Campaign

With a current brood of six and a demanding acting career, Angelina Jolie wouldn’t be in a huge hurry to take on more maternal responsibilities.

But OK! Magazine reports that Brad Pitt’s gal is determined to take more children under her wing—by any means necessary!

According to the magazine, Jolie and Pitt plan to adopt yet another child while simultaneously trying for a third pregnancy. Jolie, who’s made no secret of her wish to adopt more kids, initiated adoption proceedings in January, and the couple has apparently been attempting to expand their family via traditional means as well. Jolie has even been taking pre-natal vitamins and has cut out junk food in an effort to increase her chances of conceiving, says a source.

“Her priority is being a mother,” the source notes. “She really just loves the idea of being a mother and shaping someone’s life.”

Sure. And with enemies seemingly looking to undo her at every turn, Jolie can use as big of a posse as she can muster.