Tale of the Tabloid: John Mayer to Write Aniston Tell-All

Tale of the Tabloid: John Mayer to Write Aniston Tell-All-photo

We all know that John Mayer is never going to make the Boyfriend Hall of Fame. But if you accept Star Magazine's cover story claiming that Mayer is going to write a kiss-and-tell on ex-Jennifer Aniston, then he is going to win the Nobel Prize for Cads.

Here's the Celebuzz analysis.

The Claim: John is writing a tell-all book about his time with Jen and could "net $10 million" as he spills "juicy secrets." The journal is apparently filled with pages of details on Jen's daily life that include a lot of working out (yoga for four hours a day) and "hours and hours of reality TV."

Best Bit: The Star's source claims that Jen used to call John "Brad" all the time. Oops.

"John said it flipped him out, especially when it happened when they were in bed together."

Jump the Shark Moment: According to the mag's source, John has taken many pictures of Jen which he could use. "He has lots of photos of her in Mexico looking sloshed after their big New Year's Eve party."

"In the photos, she's smoking and drinking and does not look at all like the dream girl next door."

John also apparently told Jen that he liked to photograph Jen sleeping—"no make-up and her hair was a wreck."

Mayer's Camp: "It is Star Magazine that is ‘THE RAT’ and they should be ashamed of the disgusting story they’ve written."

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  • barbiej

    Let's ban him from mother earth. sue the pants off him jen!

  • barbiej

    John Mayer, you are a fcuked up tw*%^t

  • cb007

    What a load of RUBBISH. John Mayer hasn't got time. He's too busy writing songs and sensible enough not to read this story, unless he needs a good laugh, like everybody else whos read this article.

  • bryalexand

    I love how "Courtney Cox" cannot spell her own name. Courteney

  • noah

    John Mayer is hilarious. I hope he makes a pop-up version of this for all the kids out there.

  • Courtney Cox
    Courtney Cox

    John Mayer is such a f'ing sleeze!

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Will he reveal which variety of kibble she prefers?

  • mdonnelly

    yawn. jennifer needs to date a ron burkle or something. money and not that cute.

  • chichilavie

    so are they or aren't they still an item?

  • Geri

    yes, let's see those photos of her without makeup or her done up mane. let's see how purdy she really is. gag.