VIDEO: Julia Roberts Has Flowered Hands, Potty Mouth

VIDEO: Julia Roberts Has Flowered Hands, Potty Mouth-photo

Julia Roberts flashed a million-watt smile as she clutched a bunch of tulips outside of the Ed Sullivan theater yesterday.

But once she was inside the studio to appear on The Late Show With David Letterman, the 41-year-old Pretty Woman actress put her kisser to much less wholesome use.

While promoting her new film Duplicity, Roberts told an obscenity-laced story about a former co-star pulling a Christian Bale on a movie set opposite her.

Roberts tossed f-bombs left and right while relating the tale of the potty-mouthed colleague, much to the delight of the studio audience. Check out the video below:

Roberts claimed, "I would never talk like that unless I was quoting" someone else, but Celebuzz believes her memory might be a bit faulty on that count.

Back in January, Roberts was filmed verbally castigating some paparazzi that she felt was following too close to her family. And oh, did the f-word get a workout that day.

So she might want to amend that story the next time she tells it.



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