EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Kendra Wilkinson Proves She's A True Blonde

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Kendra Wilkinson Proves She's A True Blonde-photo

Kendra Wilkinson is telling the world that she's a natural blonde—and she has the baby pictures to prove it.

"To all the blogs out there that are always calling me a fake blonde," Kendra writes on her official site, while releasing exclusive photos to Celebuzz, "here's proof that I AM originally a NATURAL blonde!!!”

We're not going to dispute this on a scientific level (even though we could). But even we have to admit these are darn cute pictures. Like the one with her dog!

Kendra says she also released the photos to show the world that "I haven't changed much." Once again, we might disagree with that. But those adorable eyes are hard to mistake.

The Girls Next Door star's new blog has already been a font of information on it's first week of creation. On March 17, Kendra wrote about the important cultural touchstone celebrated across the globe.

"I don't really even know what St. Patty's Day is...All I know is that it's a good excuse to partyyyy!!!" 

Kendra has not blogged about her recent wedding hitch to footballer Hank Baskett. The two cannot find a minister to come to the Playboy Mansion for their June nuptials. We'll have to wait and see on that.

Meanwhile, check out our exclusive baby photos!



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  • noah

    Fake. She so photo-shopped this picture. I heard she's really a Ginger.

  • cb007

    To Bens comment... GET A LIFE. She is a natural blonde. Its so obvious. Theres nothing wrong with want to keep being blonde. Wait to you go grey and need help with COLOUR FOR MEN. (Thats to cover your grey hair later in life)