James Franco Fans Wreak Havoc at Columbia

Milk actor James Franco is currently attending Columbia University in New York City to earn his MFA in writing, but university officials feel that the actor’s celebrity presence may be detrimental to the learning process.

The New York Post reports that many female students have figured out the Spider-man actor’s class schedule, and have been assembling outside his classes to catch a glimpse of the handsome actor.

“Now that girls have figured out his schedule, every week there’s a bigger crowd outside his lectures waiting just to see him leave,” a source says. “It’s getting to be that there are so many people, it’s embarrassing.”

Some of those girls might be lucky enough to catch Franco in the act of taking a nap.

Columbia officials are refusing to comment on whether or not they will be posting extra security outside of the actor’s classes.

“We don’t comment on matters of pop culture,” one source sniff.

They shouldn’t be so uptight. It’s not as though Franco hasn’t caused even bigger spectacles at other universities.