Lisa Rinna Needs a Job

Lisa Rinna Needs a Job-photo

Lisa Rinna really, really, REALLY wants a part on the new imagining of Melrose Place.

Rinna (along with newly emaciated Tonight Show stooge Ross Matthews) took to the real Melrose in Los Angeles yesterday, toting huge signs asking motorists to honk for her if they wanted the CW to give her the job.

She also had a petition to sign. At one point, Rinna succeeded in getting some LA firefighter to pull over to speak with her. Big MP fans?

Rinna played adulterous wife Taylor McBride on the first version of the Beverly Hills 90210 spinoff on Fox back in the mid 90s.

Since the announcement that the CW would be airing a new version, Rinna has been gunning for her old role back.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz has already scored a role on the show.

And in an interesting twist, Heather Locklear has reportedly turned down reprising her career comeback role as vixenish ad exec Amanda Woodward.

EW reports a source as saying that "there wasn't a way to bring her back that made sense."

Lisa would find a way. One can imagine Rinna taking a job running the craft services table on the set at this point.



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  • Chass

    I think they should give her a role if she really wants it, The show is never going to be as good as the original so if she wants to run into a burning building then let her!

  • noah

    Desperation is a stinky perfume.

  • fudgekat

    These photos are mezmerizing! I really can't stop staring at them... is this what aging gracefully looks like? More ridiculous pics:

  • cb007

    If thats all it takes to get a part on TV, I'll get started on making a sandswich board now. Who will be my love interest on the show when I DO get the part. LOL