Rihanna Pulled Over

A solo Rihanna continues to keep herself in the public eye, and was out at LA’s Les Deux last night.

The singer has been on the receiving end of intense criticism for staying with boyfriend Chris Brown after he allegedly beat her, and has since made several appearances in public without him.

After leaving the club last night, TMZ reports that LAPD pulled her driver over for lacking a front license plate and using tinted windows.

Rihanna waited inside the car while police issued a ticket.

Fellow singer Katy Perry and Heroes moppet Hayden Panettiere were also said to be on the scene at Les Deux last night.

Rihanna was dressed to impress last night with a metallic blouse, tousled curls and hoop earrings. She was also without the sunglasses that were a fixture in her first public appearances after the Feb. 8 incident with Brown.

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