The ‘Gossip Girl’ Cast Heats Up ‘Rolling Stone’

OMG! The cast of The CW’s Gossip Girl appears on the cover and in a spread in the new Rolling Stone and, dare it be said, the photos are more than a little risqué.

Not only do head GG divas Leighton Meester and Blake Lively share a sweet treat together, but Meester helps out her television arch-rival by assisting her clean her sticky fingers. With her mouth.


In the article, Meester insists that she and Lively are “very close.”

The rest of the cast (Chace Crawford, Taylor Momsen, Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick) join the ladies by posing together under the covers in a big bed.


Softcore porn elements aside, photographer Terry Richardson kept the mood light by catching the kids in a feather-flying pillow fight.

Probably a good idea. Anything more racy, and these photos would have been more suited for an entirely different sort of magazine.

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