The Mystery of Audrina and Lo's Birthday Cake

The Mystery of Audrina and Lo's Birthday Cake-photo

Here we have Audrina Patridge and Lo Bosworth carrying a red velvet cake out of Sweet Lady Jane's on Melrose.

We know most of the details. The cake is definitely not advisable for swimsuit weather preparation. It had the place's amazing cream-cheese frosting and red buttercream rose decorations (writing this post is making us hungry). We know that the duo plopped down their $110 for the cake just like the regular folks walking in off the streets. The big difference of course is that cameras were filming their every move for "The Hills."

About the only thing we're not clear about is the writing on the cake. We're told it says, "Happy Birthday Lauren." Hmmm, Lauren Conrad's is Feb. 1. Are they really late on that? Or is Lo buying a cake for herself for her, um, September birthday? Is that sucker heading for the freezer? Or is there another Lauren we don't know about?

We're pretty sure that after a good examination of the photos all will be revealed.

Anyone have any thoughts let us know in comments below!



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  • noah

    I thought cakes had to be at least 3 feet tall to fit in midget strippers?

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Wait; these girls eat something besides dry kibble?

  • tracimac

    Everyone knows that The Hills is fake. They make stuff up all the time. How much do you want to bet that Lauren's BDay episode is now going to be her big finale from the show?

  • sbaran

    I want Lo's shoes. Who the heck is the cake for anyway?

  • bud

    As I like to say, this cake's for you.