Truth or Tabloid?: RPattz and Kristen Stewart "Back On"

Truth or Tabloid?: RPattz and Kristen Stewart

Whoa, did your head take a quick spin as you passed the news-stand? Life & Style's cover features the sexy term "Back On" and "Twilight's Hot Hookups." A sure eye-catcher, especially under a photo of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson (arms around each other).


Well hold on, the story is a giant tease.

THE CLAIM: After a breathy cover, the story totally backs off the "Hot Hookup" claim. In fact the "Back On" and "Kristen and Rob reunite" cover language apparently only refers to the fact that shooting has begun in Vancouver for the Twilight sequel. 

The closest they come to a Pattinson/Stewart relationship claim is a line "it also seems like more than mere friendship." Then there is discussion of a blushing Kristen, talking about Robert's kiss in Tokyo, and the "gigglefest" on the newly released Twilight DVD behind-the-scenes footage. 

Their relationship is also referred to as "flirty."

Not much meat on them bones.

BEST BIT: As previously reported, the duo apparently performed a duet of Elton John's "Your Song" at a late-night karaoke session in Tokyo. (That song has the lyrics "I hope you don't mind that I put down in words. How wonderful life is while you're in the world.")

ANYTHING ELSE?: There is a claim that "Rob and Nikki are still flirting too." Here an insider tells the mag: "Rob and Nikki got close on the set of Twilight." Indeed, Nikki is pictured sitting "close" to Rob with a microphone in her hand.

SO WHERE'S THE HOT HOOK-UPS?: In the movie apparently.



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  • romanticfool

    Kristen couldn't blush if she tried. These two only work on-screen. Just because someone is attractive, their personality has to be as well to feel it. Rob is shy and way would this vulgar, hostile, shocking girl be attractive to him. He has said it over and over that just friends. He was interested in her at one time until he saw how she was not Bella off screen. She was so crushing on him (while she had a boyfriend) that she was quiet and on her best behavior. Rob figured out that she is the girl we have seen in Harper's Bazaar, Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair..etc...REPULSIVE. No guy goes for that.

  • serafine

    Oh, I hate tabloids. And I also assume that Rob flirts with everyone on the Twilight set. If I was around the equivalent of hot guys as he has girls, I'd be flirting too...

  • gabbarocks

    omg!!.....i love robert and kristen!:) yeees i love 'em too they're great

  • eljay

    My friend Hels said that if the GREAT day with ‘Joy Breaking Everywhere’ really came that these two were actually a couple (deep breath…steady!) there may be some ‘Humble pie’ for KrisS to eat when in past “the lady did protest too much.”.....?????? Sooooo Whaaatt?!? PIE doesn’t SOUND bad! EAT pie... AND be with RobP?!? And it could even be her FAVORITE flavor of PIE too. Perhaps it would be cherry (yum); or apple (a US fav); Boston cream (smoooth); ANY kind of chocolate (YES!!). (However should NOT be mince meat -sorry UK. The ‘mince’ sounds, well, tragic.) If we ponder this further, “pie” is just a metaphor (with humble) meaning a “dessert.” Wow. Now the “dessert” possibilities are seriously ENDLESS................... If “humble” means respectful, add dessert = “respectful dessert.”!!!!! Where is the chore in this!?! Where?????? Everyone LOVES a “respectful dessert!” Don’t you? And “Respectful dessert” should involve eating with (etc.) the Beloved One…sigh....fade out……. Dessert! Make. This. Happen.

  • alyssa2013

    omg!!.....i love robert and kristen!:)

  • jacobwifey4eva606

    they look sooooooooooo cute 2gether!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!