Joe Jonas: Stealing Miley’s Blunder?

Joe Jonas seems to have something in common with Miley Cyrus besides a fondness for his brother, Nick Jonas.

Gossip Teen has published a photo of a guy who looks a lot like Joe, posing in a manner remarkably similar to the photo that got Miley Cyrus in such hot water earlier this year.

The origin of the photo is unknown, and the person in the photo has not been positively identified as Joe Jonas. But keen observers will note that the subject of the photo, besides bearing a stunning resemblance to the 19-years-old Jonas Brother, is wearing a purity ring, which Joe and his brothers have been known to keep on their fingers.

In February, Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus—who used to date Joe’s brother Nick—caused controversy when a photo of her pulling her eyelids back with her fingers surfaced on the Internet.

Though Cyrus claimed that she was simply “making goofy faces,” her excuse failed to comfort several Asian-American groups.

“It sounds like Ms. Cyrus doesn’t understand the pain felt by those of us who grew up being taunted by insensitive people making fun of our ethnicity by making exactly these kinds of faces and gestures,” Karen Narasaki, president of the Asian American Justice Center, told Celebuzz at the time. The photo also sparked a $4 billion class-action lawsuit filed by Southern California resident Lucie J. Kim.

Joe better hope that the new Jonas Brothers album does well—he might need the cash for legal fees.

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