Kellan Lutz: How Robert Pattinson Wins The Ladies

Better learn some new moves, Robert Pattinson. Looks like Kellan Lutz has revealed the secret to your success with the ladies.

Barring New York City, of course, Lutz told Ryan Seacrest today on his KIIS FM radio show just how Rpattz seals the deal with females.

“His accent and his crazy hairdo get the girls swooning,” Kellan told the American Idol host.

“Rob’s kind of shy, and he does this thing, when he’s really shy, or when someone asks him something, he lowers his head down and the girls love it!”

The girls aren’t the only ones. Lutz himself is pretty impressed with the pale Twilight prince.

“He’s such a humble guy,” the New Moon actor confessed, “and I’m very impressed with him.”