Leave a Message Lindsay, Seth’s Busy Being ‘Green’

We know she’s Lindsay Lohan, but Seth Rogen is far too busy playing leading man to get back to any starlet that comes calling.

While Lohan put a hit out today in Nylon, telling the magazine Rogen won’t return calls for a potential project she’s brewing with actor Sean Penn, Celebuzz has learned Seth is plenty busy with a baby of his own.

The Green Hornet started pre-production yesterday in Los Angeles, for which Rogen is writing, producing and starring.

“Everyone is in and testing,” a source tells us of the action-flick team.

Rogen, along with fellow writer Evan Goldberg, is setting up shop: observing, blocking, and conceptualizing major action sequences.

Another major feat? The further evolution of Seth’s figure.

“Seth looks svelte and amazing,” the source says.

Take heed, Lohan. Perhaps you can get a few minutes with him at the gym?