Leave a Message Lindsay, Seth’s Busy Being ‘Green’

Matt Donnelly | March 20, 2009 - 1:19 pm

We know she’s Lindsay Lohan, but Seth Rogen is far too busy playing leading man to get back to any starlet that comes calling.

While Lohan put a hit out today in Nylon, telling the magazine Rogen won’t return calls for a potential project she’s brewing with actor Sean Penn, Celebuzz has learned Seth is plenty busy with a baby of his own.

The Green Hornet started pre-production yesterday in Los Angeles, for which Rogen is writing, producing and starring.

“Everyone is in and testing,” a source tells us of the action-flick team.

Rogen, along with fellow writer Evan Goldberg, is setting up shop: observing, blocking, and conceptualizing major action sequences.

Another major feat? The further evolution of Seth’s figure.

“Seth looks svelte and amazing,” the source says.

Take heed, Lohan. Perhaps you can get a few minutes with him at the gym?