Natasha Richardson’s Treatment Was Delayed by Four Hours

Despite information released by the Canadian ski resort where Natasha Richardson suffered head trauma from a fall, ambulance records obtained by The New York Times show the actress wasn’t treated for four hours after the accident.

Mont Tremblant, the resort where Richardson was vacationing with her family while husband Liam Neeson was at work in Montreal on a film, claimed the actress was treated after about an hour post-fall.

Paramedics first on the scene indicated Richardson declined medical attention and spotted her on a stretcher, not laughing and walking off the scene as indicated by Mont Tremblant.

The Times goes on the speculate that this time discrepancy “seemed to introduce new questions about whether Ms. Richardson…could have been saved had she been treated faster.”

The paper spoke with neurosurgeon Dr. David J. Langer who said that in Richardson’s case, if a patient were to undergo surgery “ideally within an hour of the injury—they relieve the pressure, remove the clot and stop the bleeding, the patient can recover.”

Neeson and Richardson’s family gathered last night for a wake at the American Irish Society in Manhattan, following a Broadway tribute to the Tony Award-winning star.

She was 45.