Ryan Gosling Strings Us Along

Ryan Gosling isn’t picky about his guitar. In fact, he doesn’t even bother with a case for the thing.

The 28-year-old Notebook star was spotted ambling around Los Angeles today, his six-gun-decorated six-string casually slung over his shoulder. (Use our Zoom feature in the gallery to check out the sweet artwork.)

Gosling seems to be delving deeper into music these days. The actor—who performs in the band Dead Man’s Bones with his buddy Zach Shields—recently palled around with the members of U2 at a record-release party for their new album No Line on the Horizon, and may be playing suicidal grunge icon Kurt Cobain in the upcoming biopic Heavier Than Heaven.

No word on who he was heading off to jam with today. Maybe he was planning to strum in solitude while writing sad songs about his breakup with Rachel McAdams.

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