Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift Twitter Their Love to Demi

It remains to be seen how the world at large will react to Demi Lovato’s new video “Don’t Forget,” but Lovato’s friends are throwing their full support behind her latest effort, through the modern-day miracle of Twitter.

Lovato buddies Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have taken to Twitter to let the world know what they think of the Sonny With a Chance star’s video. So far it’s four thumbs up from Wizards of Waverly Place star Gomez and Fearless songbird Swift.

“….breath-taking! i love you demi,” writes Gomez.

“I just watched the video and started crying,” raves Swift. “Hit a nerve. Watching it again now… That’s probably my favorite video ever.”

Of course, Swift cries about pretty much everything, so she might not be the most impartial judge.

But the video does have heartfelt lyrics and people running for cover in a rainstorm, so there’s at least an 80 percent chance of poignancy. Check out the video below and decide for yourself:

Now tell us in the comments section: What do you think  of Demi Lovato’s “Don’t Forget” video?