Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift Twitter Their Love to Demi

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift Twitter Their Love to Demi-photo

It remains to be seen how the world at large will react to Demi Lovato's new video "Don't Forget," but Lovato's friends are throwing their full support behind her latest effort, through the modern-day miracle of Twitter.

Lovato buddies Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have taken to Twitter to let the world know what they think of the Sonny With a Chance star's video. So far it's four thumbs up from Wizards of Waverly Place star Gomez and Fearless songbird Swift.

"....breath-taking! i love you demi," writes Gomez.

"I just watched the video and started crying," raves Swift. "Hit a nerve. Watching it again now... That's probably my favorite video ever."

Of course, Swift cries about pretty much everything, so she might not be the most impartial judge.

But the video does have heartfelt lyrics and people running for cover in a rainstorm, so there's at least an 80 percent chance of poignancy. Check out the video below and decide for yourself:

Now tell us in the comments section: What do you think  of Demi Lovato's "Don't Forget" video?



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  • Yanti

    U're so beautiful girls!

  • lol smiley face
    lol smiley face

    oh my gosh!this song was better without this doesnt realy look like her

  • stefany

    hi i am stefany and i love taylor,selena,demi butt i dont like miley cause she was really mean to taylor selena demi i us to look up for her but now i don't

  • stephanie

    i can not believe this demi is very hurt she is sad she cry is not cool what Taylor Swift did she can do that it not nice at all selena was her best friend first. dont forget mean please dont forget our friendship but i gust selena did forget about her and there friendship they were good friend and now selena is friend with taylor swift

  • conchitalagunas

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  • Eftishar Hussien
    Eftishar Hussien

    you forgotten about us..

  • Nora

    Miley won't be bothered by this one bit. After all, she has the #1 TV show, 7 million CDs sold, 3 #1 CDs, record-breaking tour, biggest concert movie she'll be the youngest BILLIONAIRE in a year or two. You rock, Miley!! absolutely right! and she is so young, now thats what i call talent!

  • Brianna

    Miley is a slutttttt.

  • ME

    I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! I like Miley but, why is she in this whole conversation??? I thought this was about Demi Selena and Taylor... ??? But all FOUR of them are close friends!!! This whole fueding is completely RIDICULOUS!!!

  • blair


  • Renee

    I loved her song :) Don't forget made me a huge fan of Demi Lovato !

  • rachel

    i loved the video she looked gorgeous....she really is growing up its completely different from her other two and its her best one yet

  • mimi4life

    demi and selena and taylor rules

  • marissa

    i think this song was better without this video , it doesn't really even look like her , but the video is alright . i wish when she's singing in like the trenchcoat thing , they wouldn't have had her wear that . like some jeans and a cute tee would've been better.

  • alavanille

    i like the video and the song's amazing, but did they really have to slather demi with make-up?

  • ashley

    i really like it! i think it's so cool that all three are friends too. i'm so happy for all of them!

  • gman

    demi is 1million times hotter that miley

  • Cam

    Wow - I can't understand why in order to compliment Demi on her new video it automatically means you have to slam Miley - Miley is the biggest star of any of them & her voice & music is amazing! Miley does have the #1 show & has sold around 9 million records. I do believe that Miley would be happy for Demi doing well - all this fueding stuff is stupid. Miley & Taylor have been freinds for a few years & are happy for eacxh other's success & Miley & Demi have become friends too. Don't bring Demi down, by slaming Miley when you compiment Demi - I don't think Demi would do that.

  • Halle

    OMG... this is SO much better than any of that Miley Cyrus crap... ugh she is HORRIBLE, both as a role model and as an actress/singer... at least Demi is actually heartfelt and real... plus, her music is totally meaningful, inspiring, and raw. It's real, that's all I can say. She's amazing and a wonderful role model for young girls. Even I love her, and she's not much older than me!

  • Dominika

    This video is amazing ;*

  • winky

    Miley won't be bothered by this one bit. After all, she has the #1 TV show, 7 million CDs sold, 3 #1 CDs, record-breaking tour, biggest concert movie she'll be the youngest BILLIONAIRE in a year or two. You rock, Miley!!

  • Carol

    Oh I'm sure Miley's fuming...(rolls eyes). She's friends with Demi Lovato as well. And Miley and Taylor have been close friends for about 3 years.

  • iheartcelebs

    taylor swift rules. it's sort of cute how close the three friends are- i bet you Miley is fuming