Michelle Obama’s Groundbreaking Garden

We can’t thank daily strength training alone for Michelle Obama’s toned arms—she’s got a balanced diet that the White House, its guests and a nearby food shelter are about to get in on.

Yesterday, the First Lady continued her history making by being the first President’s wife to supply 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with fruits and vegetables grown on the property since Eleanor Roosevelt.

Obama recruited 26 fifth graders from local Washington, D.C. schools, shovels in hand, to break ground and plant seeds for an organic garden that will be used in the First Families recipes, as well as a local soup kitchen.

“The whole point of this garden for us is that I want to make sure that our family, as well as the staff and all the people who come to the White House and eat our food, get access to really fresh vegetables and fruits,” Obama told the press, clad in a black sweater dress, tights and boots.

Plants include such goods as spinach, shallots, snap peas, arugula, raspberries and oregano.

And one last touch, with a sting.

“”We’re going to have a beehive,” she announced, rousing the kids.

“I’m glad you’re excited, but because my kids aren’t very excited about the beehive. But we’re going to try to make our own honey.”

We’re sure they’ll find it plenty sweet, eventually.