Ashley Greene Hair-ifies ‘Twilight’ Fans With Her ‘Do

Twilight starlet Ashley Greene has come under fire for her hairstyle—specifically, its length.

In an interview with MTV last year, the thespian discussed how devotees of the Twilight book series felt her tresses were too long to pull off the character of Alice Cullen, a petite pixie with a cute, spiky crop to match.

“My hair is pretty short. It’s not super-short, but it’s pretty short,” Greene noted at the time. “They released a picture of the whole cast, and it was pretty short in that. It’s actually shorter than that now.”

But that was then, and this is now. And as  evidenced by the above right photo of Greene, taken on her first day on the Vancouver set of Twilight sequel New Moon, Greene’s hair is even longer than when the uproar ensued.

Is Greene taunting Twilight fans with her hair? Is she hoping to grow discontent along with her locks?

Or is she banking on the possibility that Twilight purists will lighten up a little, and allow for a little artistic license when it comes to her hairstyle?

Check out the above pictures of Ashley Greene then and Ashley Greene now. And have your say in the comments section: Which hairstyle do you prefer?