Ashton Kutcher Broadcasts Demi Moore's Butt Worldwide

Ashton Kutcher Broadcasts Demi Moore's Butt Worldwide-photo

As Bruce Willis was preparing for his wedding day, his ex-wife Demi Moore was wearing a white bikini steaming her current hubby's suit. 

We know this since Ashton Kutcher sent out photos of his wife's bikini butt to the world on his Twitter page.

"Shhh!, don't tell wifey," Kutcher sent in a tweet on Saturday morning. 

Some 15 minutes earlier, Kutcher had sent along word: "watching my wife steam my suit while wearing a bikini. I love God!" And if further clarification was needed he added: "I'm not wearing the bikini, she is. That's what makes it so glorious."

And how did Demi take the news of this photo being circulated? "He's such a sneak," she said on her Twitter page. "And while I was steaming his suit."

Don't know about you, but we just cannot wait for Nude Vacuuming day at their house.

It was clearly a mellow vibe for the intimate affair for Willis and wife actress Emma Heming at Willis' home in Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos. We're presuming his amicable ex-wife put something different on for the actual wedding. Also present at the event were Moore and Willis' daughters Rumor Willis, 20, Scout, 17 and Tallullah Belle, 15.

The wedding follows Willis' 54th birthday on Thursday. Heming is 32.

Willis wedding, we get the gift. What did you think of the Twitter post? Let us know in comments below.



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  • v.s.gaudio

    IL PUNCTUM DOPPIO DI DEMI MOORE di V.S.Gaudio L’immagine, dal “punctum doppio”, sospende sempre il senso: il Significante, su cui l’ occhio sensuale dovrebbe meditare, non è definito, non perché non sia lì, evidente, ma perché, essendo sospeso, non può che sollecitare l’ occhio creativo a dedicargli tutta l’attenzione di una delectatio morosa estesa nel tempo . Il punctum doppio si costituisce nella posa studiata, ostentata, artificiosa, ma anche in quella sfuggente, obliqua,opportuna,viziata. Potremmo definirlo, nel noema della fotografia, come trucco della prospettiva: il porsi è un farsi-vedere, un ostentare, ma anche un simulare, un atteggiarsi, un inscenare. Teatrale il trucco della prospettiva, in Demi Moore si fa cinematografico perché blandisce la Polisemia e la Complessità; fosse stato teatrale, il trucco avrebbe artefatto l’Iconicità e la Pregnanza. Fotografico, il trucco della prospettiva mi ricorda il trucco iconico di Carmela Russo, in arte Carmen , Bilancia nata a Genova nel ’59, felicemente documentato in quel servizio con cui Playmen, sul finire degli anni settanta o un po’ dopo, le immortalò l’ostensione del deretano. Fu tanto “iconizzato” quel culo in quell’immagine che un “amico”-bigotto mi sottrasse quel prezioso numero di Playmen per farne falò al “Dio del Fallo Moscio” in piazza Carignano a Torino!

  • Brian McGrail
    Brian McGrail

    I find it admirable that any man finds his wife attractive. That is the way life is supposed to be.

  • lanarose

    people should be kind and not say these terrible remarks. maybe it's jealousy. she's beautiful and could marry a younger and handsome man.

  • lanarose

    how would you like it if someone said those horrible things to you? if you had or look half of what she has and looks you wouldn't be talking.

  • lanarose

    demi is a beautiful woman and i see nothing wrong with marring someone younger, my husband is also younger than me. if it was the other way around there would be no comments.

  • Name


  • noah

    Why are the dutch so interested in Demi's butt? It reminds them of their mothers.

  • beez

    Why are the dutch so interested in Demi's butt?

  • beez

    I happen to know that is her ass. I zoomed in really close with the zoom feature and you can see the curve of the back is that of someone of Demi Moore's age

  • Holland

    Ik zou graag lekker in haar kont klaarkomen !

  • sin

    how do we know that is even Demi Moore? That could be anyones ass sent in by anyone.

  • Aquarius

    En wie gelooft er nu dat dat haar kont is?

  • Venray

    Die zou ik toch afsmeren!

  • Anoniem

    Ik zou haar ziek in haar kont palen !

  • derk

    ik zou haar gelijk neuken

  • haiko de groot
    haiko de groot

    I fell in love with anita. that is hot news.

  • nancy

    After a liposuction any butt looks like hers(also after one of her liposuctionssssssssss

  • Koen

    Great! Finally also a guy who adores his own wife like crazy and is proud enough to share it with the world!!! But wait... that nice bumm looks like my wife?... neh just kidding. There Can Only B One!!! Cheers and happiness to you Kutcher!

  • Holland Amsterdam
    Holland Amsterdam

    where is her ass is Its seems like a Flat tire This is not a ass maybe wrong picture i hope

  • Jan

    Is that all?