Danica McKellar: Wonder Years’ Winnie Cooper Gets Married

Here’s a blast from the late 80s/early 90s past—Danica McKellar from television’s The Wonder Years has gotten married.

McKellar, who famously played Winnie Cooper, the love interest of Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) on the classic television dramedy, married composer Michael Verta in La Jolla, California yesterday.

Savage doesn’t appear to have attended the ceremony, but the actor and actress who played his parents Mr. and Mrs. Arnold (Dan Lauria and Alley Mills) were among the 150 guests at the oceanside church, according to People.

Since The Wonder Years went off the air in 1993, McKellar graduated summa cum laude with a BS in mathematics from UCLA. She has continued to act, and has authored two books, Math Doesn’t Suck and Kiss My Math.

Her new huband Verta wrote the music they walked down the aisle to, which was performed by the San Diego Symphony Orchestra.

It almost makes you wish for voice-over narration by Daniel Stern, doesn’t it?