Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr Throw in the Towel

No use throwing a towel over your head, Jessica Szohr. We can still totally see that you’re on yet another romantic outing with your Gossip Girl co-star, Ed Westwick.

Though they’ve yet to come out and officially confirm their coupledom, Westwick and Szohr certainly seemed to be romantically linked as they cavorted in Miami over the weekend. The torrential rain didn’t dampen their ardor any as they sipped champagne and celebrated Szohr’s gig as Ocean Drive Magazine’s latest cover girl.

The couple’s coy attempt to conceal the true nature of their relationship from the public is quickly unraveling. Over the weekend Szohr was caught testing Westwick’s buns for freshness as they indulged in a boozy poolside brunch. And prior to that, the two were spotted smooching on the streets of New York—though they quickly tried to destroy the evidence by wiping their mouths clean with their hands.

Click through our gallery of Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr photos and have your say in the comments section: Are they a couple for real, or just really, really, really, totally, super-close  friends?