Jade Goody’s Death: An Outpouring of Grief

Upon hearing of Jade Goody’s death from cervical cancer yesterday, fans of the reality television star left flowers and cards in remembrance of her outside her home in Essex, England.

Goody’s mother Jackiey Budden was the one to announce to the press and fans that Jade had passed away yesterday morning.

“My beautiful daughter is at peace,” is what she said.

She was later seen breaking down outside of Jade’s home in the arms of Goody’s friend Kevin Adams.

Jade’s two little boys (Bobby, 5, and Freddie, 4) woke up yesterday morning to be informed that their mother had passed away in her sleep.

The Daily Mail reports that Jade has requested that she be buried with photos of her sons in her coffin with her.

They had not seen her for a week due to her illness, but the last time they were together there was face painting and Jade watched them play with a football.

The Big Brother star had prepared the boys for her passing by saying “Mummy’s going to heaven soon.”

Goody planned her memorial service and funeral and her publicist Max Clifford says that it will be a “Jade Goody Production.”

“Jade wanted a celebration of her life. It will be very much a Jade Goody production with Jade doing her own thing her own way,” he told the press.

The hope is that her husband Jack Tweed will be allowed to attend, as he has been under house arrest and been granted special allowances to stay with his terminally ill wife in her final weeks.

He is due to be sentenced for assaulting a teenager on Thursday.

Jade’s funeral is expected to be held at a local church within the next 10 days.