M.I.A.’s Son Is Ikhyd, Not Ickitt

When Sri Lankan rapper M.I.A. issued a public denial that she had named her newborn son Ickitt back in February, she neglected to mention that the only thing incorrect about the story was the spelling of the name.

Her son, born to her and companion Benjamin Brewer last month, is actually named Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman, according to TMZ.

So there!

Chances are, the kid is still going to have to put up with people mispronouncing and clowning on his first name for the first 20 years of his life. Is there any chance that the poor guy won’t be called “Ick” by his classmates?

Despite the unconventional baby name (and her belly-bouncing Grammys performance, which made the world fear for her unborn kid), M.I.A. is doing something right.

She’s just been rewarded with Amy Winehouse’s vacated slot at this year’s Coachella Festival on April 18.

Winehouse was forced to drop out when she was denied a US visa due to the assault charge she’s currently facing.

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