Nicole Richie Goes GaGa for BlackBook

It’s official: Lady GaGa has made her mark on the pop-culture consciousness. When one of reality TV’s most cherished personalities appropriates your look for a photo-shoot, you know you’ve made it.

Nicole Richie appears in the new issue of BlackBook magazine looking suspiciously like a certain singer who’s extremely hot right now, enjoys clothing made of bubbles and frowns upon pants.

Richie’s hair for the shoot is styled exactly like GaGa’s signature sharp-banged, blonde look.

Throw in some edgy clothing styles, and she looks like GaGa’s #1 fan.

The expecting mom tells BlackBook that she relished being able to play a character during the shoot.

“It’s something I could never get away with in real life,” Richie says, “so it’s fun to go on these shoots and really experiment,” she said.

Lady GaGa should be flattered!

And Richie confirms what we already knew: There was absolutely nothing real about her reality show with friend Paris Hilton, The Simple Life, on Fox.

“Listen,” says Richie. “I watch television. I know that things have to be entertaining or else people aren’t going to watch it. The producers were very clear about the characters they wanted us to be. We were fine with it.”

Have your say in the comments section: Who rocks the look better, GaGa or Nicole?