No Happy Ending for Team America

Sure, it’s all fun and smiles until the game starts.

This photograph was taken on Saturday moments before Team USA took on Japan in the World Baseball Classic at Dodger Stadium.

Entourage castmates Kevin Dillon, Kevin Connolly and Jerry Ferrara all looked confident of victory and happy with their free hats. Them was the days! This photo should be in sepia. Celebuzz spotted Kelsey Grammer taking his daughter, Mason Olivia, 7, by the hand as they made their way out of the gift shop loaded up with baseball goodies. He was smiling too, and oddly wearing a sports jacket. Doesn’t he know this is Dodger Stadium and not some sort of polo event? You get Dodger Dog mustard on that jacket from the drunk guy next to you, and you got yourself a serious dry-cleaning bill. 

It all went very bad for Team USA as Japan trounced our boys. Superstar Derek Jeter made a key error in the 8th inning which hurt our side bigtime. So where was Minka Kelly to make her man feel better at the end of the game? Pick him up when he’s feeling blue? She was shooting a movie, according to her rep. “I’m sure she was thinking of Derek,” says the rep. Thoughts are not going to dry his tears or ours!

We had spotted Jeter without Kelly on the previous Thursday. He was drinking with buddies at a famed Hollywood establishment when Team USA was rolling toward world domination. That bar: Happy Endings.

Wouldn’t Heart-Breaking Endings have been more appropriate?