RPattz Avoids Spotlight At Pal’s Concert

While hordes of Twilight stars were jetting around the United States to mark the release of the DVD this weekend, head vampire Robert Pattinson was making a low-key appearance at a friend’s music gig.

Pattinson tried to stay out of sight at pal Sam Bradley’s Vancouver concert on Friday night to avoid Twilight-mania from overwhelming the intimate setting, a source tells Celebuzz. 

“He wanted to be as low-key as possible,” the source tells Celebuzz. “If he had really been out there, it would have caused a frenzy.”

“He stayed with Sam backstage before the show and watched the concert from the wings.”

The event was the hot ticket in Vancouver, with scores of fans vying for 180 spots at the Grandview Legion in downtown Vancouver. The concert even earned a breathy piece in the Vancouver Sun about the difficulties in buying tickets. Disappointed fans had to be turned away, as there was simply no room in the low-key setting.

Pattinson did not even come out to sing the song he co-wrote with Bradley called “Never Think,” which was performed by Pattinson on the Twilight soundtrack.

Meanwhile on Friday, Twilighter Ashley Greene made a surprise visit at a Los Angeles video store, where an estimated 2,000 screaming fans awaited her arrival. Rachel Lefevre surprised 2,500 in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Kellan Lutz, Greene and Lefevre showed up at Kitson in West Hollywood on Saturday.