RPattz Pal: Fame Would “Never Affect Robert The Wrong Way”

After a weekend where we saw the awesome power of Twilight, we have to wonder — might fame and worldwide crowds of screaming admirers ever get to Robert Pattinson’s head?

Not as far as Bobby Long, Twilight soundrack contributor and friend, can see it.

“This is the best person all of this could ever happen to,” Long tells Celebuzz. “It would never affect Robert the wrong way.”

“He’s exactly as he always was,” says Long. “He’s very down-to-Earth and humble. Just a normal lad.”

Long and Pattinson knew each other when the two were struggling artists in London, having late-night song sessions in Pattinson’s dinghy Soho, London flat and eating pizza on his steep roof. Long also saw the full impact of Pattinson’s fame at the London Twilight premiere:

“I actually had a few people shouting my name, which was bizarre,” says Long. “But for Robert it was completely different. People were trying to pull at him and kiss him. It was hard to get into my head.”

For Long, the touch of Twilight fame has led to insane amounts of exposure. “I had been playing concerts and not that many people would show up. But then there was like 20 girls, all Twilight fans. The last three had 100 girls and there were people not allowed to get into the venue, people flying in to see the concert. It’s been insane.”

Long is even heading to the U.S. for his first concerts.

As far as Pattinson’s musical skills: “He’s extremely talented. Just as talented with his music as an actor for sure.”

In fact, Long would definitely purchase any Pattinson album. Actually, scratch that. “I’d hope to get it for free to be honest,” he laughs. “I wouldn’t talk to him if I didn’t.”