RPattz Pal: Fame Would "Never Affect Robert The Wrong Way"

RPattz Pal: Fame Would

After a weekend where we saw the awesome power of Twilight, we have to wonder — might fame and worldwide crowds of screaming admirers ever get to Robert Pattinson's head?

Not as far as Bobby Long, Twilight soundrack contributor and friend, can see it.

"This is the best person all of this could ever happen to," Long tells Celebuzz. "It would never affect Robert the wrong way."

"He's exactly as he always was," says Long. "He's very down-to-Earth and humble. Just a normal lad."

Long and Pattinson knew each other when the two were struggling artists in London, having late-night song sessions in Pattinson's dinghy Soho, London flat and eating pizza on his steep roof. Long also saw the full impact of Pattinson's fame at the London Twilight premiere:

"I actually had a few people shouting my name, which was bizarre," says Long. "But for Robert it was completely different. People were trying to pull at him and kiss him. It was hard to get into my head."

For Long, the touch of Twilight fame has led to insane amounts of exposure. "I had been playing concerts and not that many people would show up. But then there was like 20 girls, all Twilight fans. The last three had 100 girls and there were people not allowed to get into the venue, people flying in to see the concert. It's been insane."

Long is even heading to the U.S. for his first concerts.

As far as Pattinson's musical skills: "He's extremely talented. Just as talented with his music as an actor for sure."

In fact, Long would definitely purchase any Pattinson album. Actually, scratch that. "I'd hope to get it for free to be honest," he laughs. "I wouldn't talk to him if I didn't."



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  • kay726

    I too like Pattz attitude. He does seem down to earth and humble and just going with the motion. He's doing something he felt interested in and became famous. The funniest thing is that he's really a good actor...Stay humble and sweet...Pattz...

  • carmen

    ii love how rob is soo down to earth !! .. hes just like the perfect mann !! hope he stays the same way !

  • Shivanee, London, UK
    Shivanee, London, UK

    I forgot to mention a lot more things about him, that I love, practically everything actually! I made a few spelling errors, sorry about that! I just have to say that the first time that I ever heard his music, I cried, because it was lovely, I felt that it was a part of him that he was allowing us to see, I feel that his music speaks to people and his music honestly touched my heart, I have got all of his songs on my iPod, I can't go a day without listening to his voice! If he did have an album, I would be one of those people that would go out the very minute it was put into shops and would buy it straight away, thats how much I love his music! I can't even describe it! I also wanted to say that Bobby Long's music, is also excellent, his music, like Rob's is honestly wonderful! X

  • Shivanee, London, UK
    Shivanee, London, UK

    Oh Rob!!! He is the most cutest!! I love him! I'm a fangirl, but I would try not to freak out if I saw him in real life! The reason I soooooo attracted to him, is that he isn't like other celebrities at all. I mean, he doesn't let the fame get to his head, I can easily see that he still is the same person that he used to be, I love that he is honest and he is such a talented actor, he is absolutely amazing, cute, funny, humle, kind-hearted, hard-working (ect). Gosh, I can't find words to describe how happy it makes me when I see even his picture, I go crazy if i even hear about him. My biggest dream is to meet him and give him the biggest hug ever, because he deserves it and because I love hugs! Let's just hope that he likes hugs, and he won't refuse to give me hug when I ask for one, because if he did, my heart will literally shatter. I realy cannot wait until his other movies that are coming out soon, espiacially How To Be!!! *jumps up and down*. I wish him the very, very best for the future!!! Love him!!!

  • Crystal

    Such a beautiful soul ;)

  • jennifer shaw
    jennifer shaw

    i am glad that rob has no let all this go to his head that is really what attracts me to himis his down to earth qualities he really is just a normal person he just got trown in a really bizarre situation and i think he has done a great job at staying real to himself.

  • nocturnal

    no he doesn't deserve all the attention. although he is a talented actor, nobody needs to get scared out of his sh*t--everywhere he goes, there are fangirls screaming at him. poor dude.

  • elen

    Der meinung bin ich auch, die werden den vermarkten bis sie einen Neuen finden

  • Rebeca

    i think i love rob more noww!! he definitely deserves all the atention and the rolls he's getting. I JUST LOVEEE HIMM!! and i like his friend Bobby Long, think iu might listen to his music...now that he's talked about how wonderful rob is..xD I LOVE ROOBB!!

  • Katja aus Deutschland (Haibach
    Katja aus Deutschland (Haibach

    [quote=Katja aus Deutschland( Haibach)]Lasst Rob Tom Pattinson in Ruhe, nehmt ihm nicht die Luft zum atmen, nur weil einige Girl´s am Rad drehen!Wir wollen ihn ja g e sund und munter noch einige Jahre vor der K a mera sehen!God Luck Rob Tom! P.S. Trau keinem, sie wollen nur dein bestes( Geld,Image, Vermarktung) P.S.S Das sind die Bl utsauger!!!!!!!Liebe Grüsse von einem guten Freund aus Deutschland

  • Katja aus Deutschland( Haibach)
    Katja aus Deutschland( Haibach)

    Lasst Rob Tom Pattinson in Ruhe, nehmt ihm nicht die Luft zum atmen, nur weil einige Girl´s am Rad drehen! Wir wollen ihn ja g esund und munter noch einige Jahre vor der K amera sehen! God Luck Rob Tom! P.S. Trau einem, sie wollen nur dein bestes( Geld,Image nd Vermarktung) P.S.S Das sind die B lutsauger!!!!!!! Liebe Grüsse Von einem g ten Freund aus Deutschland ( Haibach) Katja 7 mins ago Reply

  • Ashleyjean

    Glad to hear that perhaps he hasn't let all this go to his head. The biggest part of my attraction to him/for him is how ackward he is, well that and I'm a sucker for blue eyes. But if his friends are saying he's still the same fella, then he is still the same fella. I do wish that paps would leave him alone, and perhaps not make such a deal out of the things he does/will do. He's young, he needs to make mistakes, fall down, get bruised up, and learn how to pull himself up by his own boot straps. He's never going to learn how to be otherwise.

  • Natália

    Hi !!! I'm a jerk !!! ;D

  • Andressa

    oi eu so tonta. hahahaha

  • andy

    Elaine you right this kind of comments only make us love him more and more. His music is awesome I never eard his music before and I felt in love the first time that I listen to NEVER THINK... Please we really want Rob Pattz songs

  • elaine

    Makes us love him even more! OMG Rob please record more music!

  • ali

    Pattinson should do some charity music gigs in the UK. He'd make any charity a fortune.

  • sandra

    I;d rather Rob focused on acting right now. Its a critical time in his career. I do love his voice though so if they could shoe horn that into a film all the better. A Baz Luhrmann musical would be good.

  • hannah

    Pattinson should do a musical film. Spring Awakening or a bio pic. He'd also make a wonderful Mozart or Beethoven etc. also love to see him play Mozart in Amadeus on stage in London.