'Twilight' vs. 'Pirates': The DVD Wars

'Twilight' vs. 'Pirates': The DVD Wars-photo

Twilight Nation spoke loud and clear with their wallets this weekend, snapping up more than three million copies of the vampire DVD in its first day of release on Saturday, according to a statement released by Summit Entertainment.

The retail frenzy began at midnight on Saturday, with a nationwide series of "Twilight at Midnight" events attended by many of the film's stars. Swooping down from Vancouver, where the Twilight sequel New Moon is about to begin filming, Rachel Lefevre hit up Salt Lake City, where she was greeted by 2,500 intensely loyal fans, while Ashley Greene appeared in front of a crowd of 2,000 in Los Angeles. Edi Gathegi, meanwhile, arrived in New York to meet a crowd of 700, while Nikki Reed took to Chicago, where a crowd of 500 awaited her.

Impressive numbers, to be sure, but the sexy young vampires still have a formidable adversary when it comes to racking up DVD sales: Captain Jack Sparrow.

As noted by Reuters, the second installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, Dead Man's Chest, sold nearly 5 million copies on the first day of its December 2006 release.

Signs of a cooling economy, or irrefutable evidence of an anti-vampire bias among the movie-going public?

If it's any consolation, Twilight DVD sales did edge out those of The Dark Knight, which racked up nearly 3 million sales on its first day of release last December, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Readers, have your say in the poll: Who do you think would win in a real-life battle: Captain Jack Sparrow or Edward Cullen?



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  • mimi

    idk ill just say jack sparrow cause he awesome :)

  • mimi

    idk ill just say jack sparrow cause he awesome :)

  • mimi

    idk ill just say jack sparrow cause he awesome :)

  • Deanne

    I think yes Edward would win against Jack. However who would I want to hang out with definately Jack, he's so uplifting, adventurous, a breath of fresh carribean air. Ahhhh I'm anxiously awaiting the 4th one. Rumor has it that Jerry Bruckheimer is trying the fountain of youth:D We'll see anxiously. Pirates are real though and well vampires hmmm I grew out of them with my teen years. I play a pirate at the Ren Faire so I will stick to pirates.

  • Carolina

    Jack Sparrow is super funny. Edward is really romantic. But it depends how the person is, meaning that if u r a person that likes romantic movies, whatch Twilight. If u like somthing funny watch Pirates of the Caribbean. I pick Pirates of the Caribbean. I hate it when peopl pick Twilight just because of Robert P's HOTNESS. UGH

  • bunnyhunny123

    i love Jack Sparrow he is So Funny. Twilight is not that funny its intresting but not as intresting as Pirates Of The Caribbean.

  • brittany

    i todally agree with you. its like if theres anything close to perfect it is him

  • brittany

    twilight is 1000000000000000000000 times better than captain

  • aarantxa

    Really :| Pirates sold more ! i thought that Twilight was going to sell more but Twilight is better :) Pirates is cool too but not better than Twilight

  • ena

    TWILIGHT FOR SURE! Noone could be compared with Rob :)

  • rin

    WHAT?! when did celebuzz become flooded by TwiTards?

  • noah

    Why is this even up for debate?! On one side we have a sulking and emotional vampire ... versus ... a pirate?! I demand a recount!

  • abigailjune

    there is absolutely no competition! EDWARD would win hands down duh!

  • basketca

    I love Jack Sparrow, he's the best, but Edward is a vampire.

  • lovinrpattz

    Deffo edward cullen i mean i love jack swarrow (johnny depp) bt he is only a pirate he would never have a chance lol