Danny Bonaduce Is Getting Hitched!

Sorry, ladies; Danny Bonaduce is that much closer to being off the market.

Us Magazine reports that the 49-year-old former Partridge Family and Breaking Bonaduce star has gotten engaged to his girlfriend/manager, Amy Railsback.

To hear his fiancée tell it, Bonaduce eventually wore down her resistance to the idea of marriage.

“He proposed a whole bunch of times over the last couple of years, but you know, it’s never quite official until you have a ring on your finger,” says Railsback, who met Bonaduce at a Starbucks about two years ago. “I’m a little giddy about it.”

The ring that Bonaduce slipped on her finger, it’s worth noting, is a sterling-sliver, skull-and-crossbones number with diamonds and “rubies in the eyeballs,” says Railsback. Never let it be said that Danny Bonaduce is not a man of exquisite taste. 

“He wears that pirate jewelry. He normally wears, like, $12 rings, but this is the real thing,” the lucky lady adds. “He promises to get me a grown up engagement ring and wedding when we get married. This one is a Danny version for now.”

No date has yet been set for Bonaduce and Railsback’s sure-to-be-enchanted union, but the bride-to-be envisions an intimate affair.

“I’d want a smaller ceremony and I’d invite my closest family friends, and of course his family and siblings,” Railsback says. “Maybe 12 people, tops.”

This will make marriage number three for child-star-turned-radio-host Bonaduce. His most recent union, to Breaking Bonaduce co-star Gretchen Hillmer, yielded two children, Isabella and Dante.

Congratulations to the lovebirds. Come on, get happy!