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  • wildroses

    John Mayer was Jennys paid escort so she would have a date for the oscars. He did his job and his contract won't allow him to blabber on so its a done deal. He likes em young and hot. Jenny doesn't fit this profile. The douche Mayer is probably glad to move on and be as far away from Jenny (his mother) as possible.

  • noah

    In 99% of cases, Twittering is just randomly bragging about your unexceptional life. In the case of John Mayer, it's just bragging about an unexceptional life largely consumed with dating a fugly dinosaur.

  • sbaran

    Does anyone despite Dr. Phil as much as I do? The dude is a talentless, tactless media whore. Don't watch the guy anymore, people!

  • itsmemarke

    RT @johncmayer broke up with @jennaniston again. FML http://tinyurl.com/ceoaz8