VIDEO: Kendra Wilkinson Reveals Her Wild Schoolgirl Past

For Kendra Wilkinson, the path from adorable blonde tot to Girls Next Door vixen wasn’t a serene one. The years in between were marked by struggles with authority—and good times!

As Wilkinson—who’s engaged to marry Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett in June—admits (well, brags, really) on her official Web site, she wasn’t opposed to getting freaky during her high school dances, much to her educators’ dismay.

“I was the freaker of the dance floor,” Wilkinson reminisces. “I would always try to wear skimpy dresses.”

And though this often led to a quick expulsion from the dances, that was fine with her.

“That was my goal, to get kicked out,” Wilkinson admits, adding that the typical high-school mixer was “boring” to her.

One exception: the prom, when she brought it big-time in her “princess dress.”

“Finally, when it was prom, I just blew every bitch out of the water,” Wilkinson gloats.

Wow, it’s just like Footloose! Or something.

Watch Kendra recall her wild school days and one-upmanship in the video below: