VIDEO: Ryan Reynolds Disses Kristen Stewart, Loves RPattz!

Ryan Reynolds seems to have co-starred with Kristen Stewart in Adventureland for one reason: To meet Robert Pattinson.

The actor, who is married to Scarlett Johansson, tells MTV that he finds Stewart’s onscreen Twilight love to be “dreamy.”

“I love Twilight,” Reynolds gushes. “Oh my God are you kidding me? Robert Pattinson in a word: dreamy.”

Reynolds, 32, plays a handyman at an ailing amusement park who is having an affair with a girl half his age (Stewart). But his assessment of the actress is considerably less generous than his description of Pattinson.

“She’s an old, old soul,” Reynolds noted, while describing his love scenes with her. “Sometimes I wonder if she’s one of the Golden Girls with a great face lift.”


Apparently, Reynolds is saving all his love for RPattz. In fact, he jokes (or does he?) to MTV that he likes him in that way.

When asked if he wanted to work with him, Reynolds replied:

“Oh are you kidding me?” Reynolds replied. “Look, I’m not gay—but I’m thinking about it.”

Check the video below!

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